##by Mario Benedetti

Sometimes joy throws pebbles at my window
it wants to tell me that it’s there, waiting
but I feel calm, I’d almost say centred.
I’m going to keep anxiety in its hiding place
and then stretch out, face towards the ceiling
which is a position both alert and comfortable
suitable for listening to the news and believing it.
Who knows where my next steps will lead
or when my story will be recorded?
Who knows what advice I’ll make up
and what excuse not to follow it?
Don’t worry, I won’t gamble with an eviction
or tattoo memory mixed with forgetfulness
there’s much left to do and to leave unsaid
and there are still grapes to fill our mouths.
Don’t worry, I give in, I’m persuaded
Joy doesn’t need to throw any more pebbles
I’ll open the window.

(Translation by Karima Brooke, 2016)